Privacy Policy

 Legendsbox pledges to protect your personal data so that you may browse freely on our website. Since we are liable for processing, we show you how we collect, process and use your data to bring you new services and the best offers while complying fully with your rights.

We protect your private life by ensuring the protection, confidentiality, non alteration, availability and security of the personal data you have entrusted to us, on all our communication channels.


 1. Processing liability
Personal data is collected by the firm Legendsbox SA with capital of $20000 RUC: 424008/2018, Plaza Aventura, Oficina 516, Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro, El Dorado, Ciudad de Panama, Republic of Panama.

The customer placing the order supplies Legendsbox with their contact details when placing said order and during follow-up. They also supply the recipient’s contact details, especially the telephone number, for the purposes of ensuring the delivery of their order as well as providing them with advice and information about said order and other Legendsbox services and offers. In this case, and as an exemption to the clause above, the customer acts as the holder of the recipient’s contact details liable for processing.

The customer is the sole person liable for communicating the recipient’s personal contact details that they supply to Legendsbox for the purposes of executing the order. The customer thus guarantees that they have obtained the explicit, informed consent of the persons whose contact details they have supplied to Legendsbox and holds Legendsbox harmless against any claims in this regard by said persons. Legendsbox only acts on behalf of the customer placing the order as a service provider processing the orders placed by the customer.Consequently, the customer placing the order hereby absolves Legendsbox of any liability in the event of violation of its obligations relative to collecting and communicating the recipient’s contact details to Legendsbox for the latter to send messages to said recipient.


  2. Collected data 

The data is collected on the firm’s e-commerce website.

We collect the information you supply us in the course of our business dealings, especially when:

- creating a customer account and signing up for our loyalty programme

- managing your orders and claims

- engaging with our Customer Service 

- participating in our contests

- signing up for newsletters


The data collected is strictly necessary to supply our service. Compulsory information is flagged with an asterisk: full name, email address, mobile or landline telephone number, post address, date of birth. 


We also collect personal data when you purchase our products or use our services. We especially collect information relative to the value and nature of your purchases, information relative to your orders, bills and customer or prospect pathway on our online services.


In compliance with regulations, we do not collect data pertaining to origin, race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, trade union membership or genetic or biometric data with the purpose ofuniquely  identifying a physical person, personal health data or the personal data regarding the sexual preferences or orientation of a physical person. 

LEGENDSBOX never collects or processes these particular categories of personal data.


 3. Data use 

We process your personal data transparently and securely. Your personal data is collected for the purposes set forth below.


Sales management: in order to comply with our obligations towards our customers, we collect and use your personal data to manage your purchases and orders, to deliver your products, offer our services and special offers you might be interested in. This information helps us improve your online purchasing experience.


Loyalty management: we give you the opportunity of signing up to our loyalty programme to make special offers and let you know about new services in return for your loyalty.


Communication with you: we collect and store your personal data to be able to communicate with you on your orders, bills or claims lodged with Customer Service.


Customisation of our services and offers: customer data also helps LEGENDSBOX improve and customise the products and services we offer on our LEGENDSBOX website, mobile website, and application, and the information we send you.


Newsletters: we offer our customers a free service called the “LEGENDSBOX Newsletter”. This newsletter highlights the new products and features as well as the best offers currently available. Regarding the reception of partner offers, LEGENDSBOX gives you the opportunity of benefitting from the presentation of special offers from its partners and customer data is stored in full by LEGENDSBOX. To unsubscribe, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter or contact the website manager by email at


LEGENDSBOX reserves the right to use this data, customer contact details including email addresses and telephone numbers, to send sales information promoting products or for the purposes of quality control, excluding any other use such as direct prospection on behalf of third parties. 


Debt recovery: when the full amount due has not been paid by the customer, it is deemed to be unpaid. In this situation we may have to communicate your personal data to our debt recovery service provider. 


4. Storage time

LEGENDSBOX pledges to store your personal data only for the time needed to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. Furthermore, we store your personal data in compliance with storage time imposed by regulations and current applicable law.


Storage time is determined depending on the processing purposes implemented by LEGENDSBOX and especially takes into account legal applicable provisions imposing a set storage time for certain categories of data, and any applicable prescription deadlines.


 5. Data recipients 

LEGENDSBOX ensures that only approved LEGENDSBOX staff may access your personal data when this access is needed to proceed with our business dealings.


Our service providers and our targeted advertising service providers may also receive personal data strictly necessary to provide services we have entrusted them with (for example: delivery of your parcel, payment online, targeted advertising campaigns, preventing and combating fraud).

LEGENDSBOX requires its service providers, suppliers and partners to commit to taking all useful precautions, given the nature of the data and the risks involved in processing, to maintain data security, and especially prevent it from being deformed, damaged, or exposed to third parties without due authorisation.


6. Cookies and browsing on the website / IP address 

When you browse our website, we use cookies in order to identify you and access your account, manage your order basket, memorise what you view and customise the offers we make you and the information we send you. Your browser lets LEGENDSBOX store the cookie on your computer: its aim is to simplify your browsing on It does not contain any viruses. It memorises the articles in your basket before you continue shopping. You may choose to disable these cookies at any time. We hereby inform you that if your browser is configured to refuse cookies, you cannot make any purchases or enjoy some main features of our website, such as for example storing articles in your basket or accessing your personal account. We decline any liability for the consequences in connection with a lower level of functioning in website services resulting from the necessary cookies being refused or deleted on your browser.


6.a Third party cookies 
When you browse the Website, third-party firms may place cookies on your terminal, depending on the choices you have made previously or at any time, in the conditions set forth below. The issuing and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the policies to protect the private life of these third parties. We hereby inform you that LEGENDSBOX does not have access to and may not exercise any control over the third party cookies. However, we do make sure that our partner firms agree to process the information collected on our websites exclusively for LEGENDSBOX’s needs and undertake to implement appropriate measures to secure and protect data confidentiality.


 6.b. Deleting cookies in browsers
You may disable the cookies containing the name “legendsbox” following the instructions below:


a/ if you use the browser Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click on the button Tools, then on Internet Options. 

In the General tab, in Browsing history, click on Settings. 

Click on the button Display files. 

Click on column header Name to sort the files into alphabetic order, then scan the list to find files starting with the prefix “Cookie”.

Select the cookies with “legendsbox” in their name and delete them. 

Close the window containing the list of files, then double click on OK to return to Internet Explorer.


 b/ if you use the browser Firefox

Go to the “Tools” tab in the browser then select the menu “Options” 

In the window displayed, choose “Private Life” and click on “Display cookies”. 

Find the files containing the name “legendsbox”, select and delete them.


 c/ if you use the browser Safari

In your browser, choose the menu Edition > Preferences. 

Click on Security. 

Click on Display cookies. 

Select the cookies containing the name “legendsbox”, and click on Delete or Delete all. 

Once you have deleted the cookies, click on Finish.


d/ if you use the browser Google Chrome 

Click on the menu icon Tools. 

Select Options. 

Click on the tab Advanced Options and go to the "Confidentiality" section. 

Click on the button Display cookies. 

Find the files containing the name “legendsbox”, select and delete them. 


 7. Exercising rights

 All customers have the right to oppose, access, rectify, limit and delete, and enjoy the portability of their personal data by writing to the following address:


All requests must be come with the elements needed for their identification (full name, customer number, email) as well as any other information needed to confirm their identity. In compliance with current legislation, their request must be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of ID featuring their signature and specify the address the answer must be sent to. 

An answer shall be sent to the customer within a month of receiving the request. The persons whose personal data is processed when the customer placed an order may exercise their rights with LEGENDSBOX in the same terms & conditions as the customer. Each customer also has the right of recourse to supervisory authorities. Furthermore, if the customer no longer wishes to receive the electronic newsletter, they may click on the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of each communication.

 8. Special notice 
All persons ordering alcohol or cigars on the website declares that they are an adult on the date of the order. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous to health. To be consumed moderately.