These terms & conditions govern use of the websitewww.legendsbox.comby any natural or legal person, or any representative of same. This document contains legal information that we recommend reading in full, as well as our confidentiality policy. Approving these general terms & conditions implies that the user has read and agreed to all parts, and has understood that they are compulsory and legally binding. Consequently, they agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use of the platform, content and services. Otherwise, users must refrain from using the website and its services, directly or indirectly, and from using the information or services provided thereon.


Article 1 - Agreement to Terms & Conditions of Use

Creating and using a customer account in any of the website forms implies that the user agrees to all Terms & Conditions of Use as stated here, as well as the confidentiality policy. In turn, agreement to all other rules and procedures published by Legendsbox on its website. NB: some services offered on the website may be subject to additional general terms & conditions. Should users only agree to these terms & conditions, they must refrain from using the services in any way.


Article 2 - Legendsbox: Product and service descriptions

2.1 - Products

Box offers are valid subject to availability of the products in these boxes. In the event of a stockout, the seller reserves the right to replace a product with another similar one, with the customer’s express agreement. 

Should the customer not agree, they may exercise their right to retract and may cancel their order, without being penalised in any way. 

Photographs available on our website showing a box may include staging with props. All boxes come with a legally binding description drawn up by www.legendsbox.comlisting the products contained in the box and important related information (including designation, weight or volume and alcohol content). The photograph shall showcase the product contents in the box.


2.2 - Prices

Prices are determined based on the currency used and include tax. They do not include packing and posting fees (calculated according to destination and specified prior to ordering). 


LEGENDSBOX.COM may modify its prices at any time but does pledge to ensure that the products are billed according to current rates as specified at the time of placing the order, subject to availability at this date and their effective payment. The products remain the property of LEGENDSBOX.COM until payment is complete.


2.3 - Order

a) Information 
The information provided by the buyer when placing the order is binding for them. In the event of erroneous or incomplete information (street number, street name, floor, staircase, apartment, digital door code, intercom name or code or telephone number) in the destination contact details, 
www.legendsbox.comshall not be held liable for failure to deliver within the deadline as specified at the time of ordering.


b) Cancelling and modification 
For any requests to cancel or modify an order prior to dispatch, please contact Any requests to cancel or modify an order shall be rejected once it has been dispatched or processed, unless the seller expressly agrees otherwise. Order processing (packing, printing the shipping label, palleting and dispatching the parcel by air) takes place on the day of dispatch.


2.4 - Payment and data security

Transactions take place on the bank’s secure server rather than www.legendsbox.comservers; security is thus handled and guaranteed by the bank’s servers. Please check that security is active when you enter your bank details.


In the event of fraudulent debit on your bank account, we recommend you send a registered letter to your bank as soon as possible in order to rectify this or these operation/s.


2.5 - Availability

Despite regular website updates, stockouts may occur. In the event of any product featured on the website proving unavailable, customers are offered:

  • a replacement with a box of equivalent value,
  • a credit note to be deducted from a future order covering the price of the parcel and its delivery
  • a refund covering the price of the parcel and its delivery.


2.6 - Shipping time                

Average shipping time has been shown to be three full business days. However, for certain destinations it may take longer.


Legendsbox shall not be held liable for an abnormally long shipping time. No refund shall be made in the event of delivery exceeding 72 hrs.


2.7 - Delivery

The buyer chooses their delivery week at the time of ordering with the product being delivered to the recipient stated. The recipient may be asked to sign an acknowledgement of receipt. For an order with different delivery and billing addresses, we recommend you check the contact details of the person to be contacted in the “delivery” field so that we can handle this delivery properly. In the event of a wrong or incomplete address (street number, street name, floor, staircase, apartment, digital door code, intercom name of code or telephone number), the recipient rejecting the parcel or lack of information making it impossible to deliver the product to the recipient in due time, Legendsboxshall not be held liable for the final quality of this delivery. In the event of the recipient’s absence at the time of delivery by DHL, the delivery person shall leave a note either in the recipient’s letterbox, by SMS or at the entrance to the residence. The recipient shall be asked to pick the parcel up at the address specified. 


Moreover, customers must check whether the dispatching of our box containing alcohol and cigars is duly authorised in the destination [K1] country. Customer approval of the order implies that the customer has checked that delivery of such goods is possible in their destination country. Legendsbox shall not be held liable for any extra taxes or for the parcel being retained by customs. The customer shall be liable for local taxes and may not demand a refund from Legendsbox.


2.8 - Tracking parcels

Customers may track their parcel on their personal account on the www.legendsbox.comwebsite. If the buyer does not have a customer account on the website, they may ask to track their parcel by contacting Customer Service by email at the following address:


Article 3 - Legendsbox liability

Legendsbox shall be held harmless against the actions of third parties who have not been contracted for any reason by the firm. 

The following are considered to be cases of force majeure, relieving the seller of their duty to deliver: war, rioting, fire, accidents, local weather conditions, special customs terms prohibiting the import.


The following are also considered to be cases of force majeure relieving the seller of their duty to deliver: all causes announced by airlines preventing them from taking off or landing according to schedule for the reasons specified above.

www.legendsbox.comshall not be held liable for intangible or indirect prejudice, whatever the cause.

www.legendsbox.comshall not be held liable for breach of contract as agreed should the customer fail to fulfil their contractual duties.

Naturally, www.legendsbox.compledges to do its utmost to set up a solution to fulfil the contract as agreed within the deadline as set forth in the contract.

Prior to purchasing a box containing cigars and /or alcohol, the buyer must make sure there are no special restrictions in the destination countries regarding these products. In the event of products being held up at customs, it is up to the buyer to pay customs duties.


Article 4 - Rules governing the purchase of alcoholic drinks

Orders for alcoholic drinks may only be placed by consumers aged 18 and above.


Article 5 - Withdrawal

5.1 – Withdrawing an order prior to dispatch and refund
The buyer may withdraw from their order, without giving a reason, until the day before the product is to be dispatched, this date being chosen by the customer themselves when placing their order. After this point, and unless they withdraw the order prior to dispatch, withdrawal is no longer materially possible. The order shall still be fulfilled and the parcel dispatched. 

In the event of a customer exercising their right to withdraw, www.legendsbox.comshall proceed with a refund, within fourteen (14) days of the withdrawal date noted by, of all costs incurred at the time of ordering for the withdrawn box.

The refund shall be processed using the same method of payment as that used by the customer.

5.2 - Withdrawal order after dispatch and refund
The customer has the right to withdraw, without giving a reason or paying any penalties, for fourteen (14) days starting on the date the parcel is received, whether it was ordered by themselves or a third party they designated, or failing that, on the date they were notified of the parcel being available for pick-up at a pick-up point, (the date specified on the carrier’s  delivery notice being considered proof).


To exercise their right to withdraw, the customer must notify their decision to withdraw in writing to Legendsbox within the fourteen (14) days, at the following address:

The customer must consequently return the parcel within fourteen (14) days of the date they communicated their decision to withdraw.

The customer must bear the cost and liability for the return.

Legendsbox shall only accept parcels sent by the Customer within fourteen (14) days of the date they communicated their decision to withdraw, in the original packaging and on condition that the products in the parcel are fit for resale. Products must not have been opened or tampered with.

In the event of a customer exercising their right to withdraw, Legendsbox shall refund all payments received from the Customer, including the delivery fees paid when placing the order. Refunds shall take place within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the parcel, provided that the Customer supplies proof that the parcel was dispatched before the expiry of the fourteen days following the withdrawal (the first date being that which applies). The refund shall be processed using the same method of payment as that used by the customer.

 Article 6 - Disputes

Disputes, competence:

In the event of a dispute regarding these Terms & Conditions of Use, the customer shall first send an email to sav@legendsbox.comto reach an amiable solution.

Failing this, and if the buyer is not a trader, the competent court may be that of the defence, the place of delivery or the place the service was carried out.

Should the buyer be a trader, the competent court shall be the Commercial court of Panama.

The sale of products on this website is subject to the law of Panama whatever the buyer’s country of residence or place of delivery.


6.1 – Damaged parcels
For any parcel which is damaged on delivery, the recipient must make their reservations known to the logistics service provider, specifying the nature and extent of the damage on the delivery slip. The recipient’s signature on the delivery slip counts as proof that the product has been properly delivered. Unless the recipient makes their reservations known, or reject the parcel, Legendsbox shall not receive any claims regarding the state of the parcel/s delivered. 

6.2 – Claims regarding the products delivered
Claims regarding the delivery of products must be formulated within 48 business hours of taking delivery of the order, starting on the supposed date of delivery. The customer must formulate their claim in writing to the email address, attaching a photo of the products in question. This 48-hour guarantee may not apply in the event of late delivery for which the customer is liable (incomplete or erroneous address, parcel rejected by the recipient, absent recipient etc.). 


However and given the non perishable nature of the products, Legendsbox shall only consider claims involving damaged or deteriorated products, or those with a manufacturing or design defect.


 6.3 – Claims regarding the delivery
Claims regarding the delivery (late or non delivery) of a parcel must be formulated within three business days following the date of delivery determined at the time of purchase.


 6.4 – Reshipping
Given the non perishable nature of the products, once Legendsbox has duly noted the goods’ apparent defect or non-compliance, the seller shall either grant the person placing the order due replacement of the damaged product/s, free of charge, or give them a credit note in their name, excluding any other compensation or damages. The claim must be formulated by the person who placed the order and sent to Customer Service by email at within the deadline specified, i.e. three (3) business days following the date of delivery to the recipient.

Failing this, the sole competent court shall be the Commercial court of Panama.


 6.5 – Refund
In the event of a customer exercising their right to withdraw, Legendsbox shall refund the customer, within 21 days of the withdrawal date noted by Legendsbox, to the value of the order withdrawn (please see the terms & conditions of withdrawal).

In no event shall Legendsbox guarantee that the products in the box satisfy the taste and personal expectations of the customer consuming them, and thus requesting the refund.

The information imparted by the Customer when placing the order is legally binding on them: in the event of a Customer supplying erroneous contact details or an erroneous place of delivery, especially their first and last names, address, telephone number, email address, door code, or floor, leading to the loss of the products, the Customer remains liable for payment of the products lost and no indemnity or refund shall take place.


Article 7 - Use of website content

All rights regarding content are the property of Legendsbox. The following are expressly prohibited: copying, reproducing, publishing, downloading, coding, modifying, translating, interpreting, exhibiting, distributing, transmitting or broadcasting to the media without Legendsbox’s express prior permission. Copyright and other property rights regarding the content, whatever the users download, are the property of Legendsbox, reserving expressly the exercising of civil and penal lawsuits aiming to protect their legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.


Article 8 - Customer account

Personal data supplied when creating a customer account, such as name, date of birth, telephone number, address and e-mail address are used solely for the purpose of identifying our consumers and to prevent fraud.

Once the information has been supplied, the user name and the password are duly approved by the system to access Legendsbox.


The person setting up a customer account is the only person liable duly authorised to access the account. Each user is the sole person with absolute liability for all activity on their account. When creating users, the platform shall never ask for information that is NOT needed to create their user. Consequently, only credit or debit card information shall be requested for online payments. This data shall not be stored in the system and the terms & conditions for security and confidentiality that are applied shall be communicated to you.


NB: Legendsbox has no control over the use of the account by a customer. In the event of suspicions as to the use of the customer account by a third party, we recommend informing Legendsbox immediately by email at the address Should the user forget their identification data, they may use the "Password forgotten" option.


Article 9 - Consumer rights

By agreeing to these terms & conditions, the consumer pledges to: 1) Supply true, reliable information when creating their customer account. 2) Refrain from communicating their ID data to third parties. 3) Refrain from using the website to commitactions contrary to public law and order, values and customs with regard to Legendsbox or its personnel. 4) Quickly flag any forgetting of your login information. 5) Refrain from decrypting any element of the website.


Article 10 – Legendsbox duties

In compliance with these terms & conditions, Legendsbox hereby pledges to: 1) Supply information that is sufficient, clear, reliable, true, exact and up to date regarding the products displayed on the website. 2) Clearly inform customers on the means implemented for consumers to make their payment in due time. 3) Indicate the general characteristics of the products so that consumers may examine them. 4) Clearly indicate any special offers, discounts, prices and information of importance to the consumer. 5) Supply the customer with a bill, detailing the articles purchased from Legendsbox, on delivery of the order,. 6) Comply with estimated delivery times.


Article 11 - Limited liability

Users hereby agree that Legendsbox shall not be held liable for direct or indirect damages, loss of profit, incidental or special damages resulting from or in connection with (i) the use of the website; (ii) the liability of any buyer or dealer who does not provide services in a context of subordination and dependence to Legendsbox; or (iii) regarding performance or browsing on the website or links featured on it to other websites, even if Legendsbox was informed of the possibility of such damages.


Moreover, users hereby agree that Legendsbox shall not be held liable for damages resulting from the interruption, suspension or termination of services, including, without any limitation, loss of profit, indirect damages, incidental, special or consequential damages, whether or not said interruption, suspension or termination was justified. By no means shall the Legendsbox’s total liability towards users, for any type of loss whatsoever, exceed the amounts paid to Legendsbox.


Article 12 - Termination

Legendsbox may modify or interrupt the platform, or modify, suspend or terminate your access or assistance, at its sole discretion, for whatever reason, with or without notice and without liability for users or third parties. Even if a user loses the right to use the website, these general terms & conditions are still applicable to them. Users may terminate these general terms & conditions at any time, by ceasing to use the website.

The termination of Services and / or the closing of user accounts, for whatever reason, shall not lead to Legendsbox  making any indemnification or compensation in your favour.


Article 13 - Modifications or settings

These Terms & Conditions of Use may be subject to adjustments or modifications independently and at any time. They shall be updated and notified in due time to consumers. These modifications shall only be applied once they have been published on the website and shall apply to subsequent transactions, without modifying previous transactions. 


Article 14 – Conditions of law

This agreement shall be governed and interpreted in compliance with Panama law, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. Should any provisions in these Terms & conditions be declared illegal, feature a loophole or be inapplicable for whatever reason, it must be interpreted in this context. By no means shall the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions be affected.